Control of translation initiation in bacteria:
a transcriptomic study

PI:  Maude Guillier 

Microbial Gene Expression Laboratory

2-year contract

Regulation of bacterial gene expression plays a key role in the rapid adaptation of these microorganisms to ever-changing environments. Work carried out in the last fifty years has for instance highlighted the amazing diversity of translational regulators, e.g. proteins or RNAs, and of the molecular mechanisms of regulation.

The person to be recruited will study the translational control of gene expression in the Escherichia coli model bacterium, focusing on the mRNA elements involved in this process. This analysis will be performed on a few selected genes based on previous results from the host lab (1), but also at the transcriptomic scale using high-throughput approaches.

(1) Jagodnik J., Chiaruttini C. and Guillier M., 2017, Stem-loop structures within mRNA coding sequences activate translation initiation and mediate control by small regulatory RNA, Molecular Cell, 68(1): 158-170.

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