Protein-protein interactions in the purinosome metabolon

PI:  Fabio Sterpone

Laboratory of Theoretical Biochemistry 

2-year contract

Metabolic enzymes form regulatory clusters in cells, the metabolons, where enzymes are spatially and temporally organized into multienzyme complexes. The goal of the project is to investigate by multi-scale computer simulations the structure, dynamics and ultimately function of a metabolon: the purinosome. The aim is to gain molecular insights into the control of the metabolic flux and its regulation in the purinosome, and possibly unravel novel therapeutic strategies. The computational investigation will be based on the innovative technique developed in the host laboratory, the lattice Boltzmann Molecular Dynamics, based on coarse-grained models for proteins combined to atomistic simulations. Software development will be carried out in collaboration with S. Melchionna (Lexma- Technology, Rome, Italy).

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