Postdoc in Telomere Biology

PI: Maria Teresa Teixeira

Postdoc length: 2 years

Workplace :Laboratory of Molecular and Cellular Biology of Eukaryotes

Contact: Maria Teresa Teixeira (

Applications will open for a Postdoctoral Research position in the laboratory of Dr. Maria Teresa Teixeira, located in the center of Paris to undertake a basic research project to characterize the mechanisms involved replicative senescence triggered by telomere shortening.

Projects in our team target the comprehensive dissection of the pathways causing replicative senescence induced by telomere length erosion and the understanding of their impact on proliferative potential. Our strategy is to decompose the sources of cell-to-cell variations inherent to telomere and senescence to uncover the molecular basis of telomere control over cell proliferation limit. We thus analyze telomeres at the scale of single molecules and replicative senescence at the level of single-cell lineages. We combine the power of budding yeast genetics and genomics with state-of-the-art cell imaging techniques, microfluidics, quantitative analysis and mathematical modelling.