Postdoc "Ribosome Quality control in Yeast"

PI: Lionel Benard

Postdoc length: 2 years

Work place: Laboratory of Molecullar and Cellular Biology of Eukaryotes

Contact: Lionel Benard (

Our team is investigating cellular processes that identify and degrade faulty mRNAs and their corresponding aberrant peptides, potentially toxic to cells. Ribosome-based quality controls have received much attention during the past decade, leading to the characterization of highly conserved surveillance effectors that rescue stalled ribosomes and degrade aberrant/damaged mRNAs and truncated peptides. Studies also suggest that alternative processes exist when these factors cannot operate, in stress conditions in particular, involving mechanisms and factors of quality control that we aim to characterize, using S. cerevisiae as a model organism. The project combines yeast genetics, molecular biology and RNA biology, protein tagging and immunoprecipitation including proteomics. We aim to determine the molecular composition of complexes critical in Ribosome Quality Control and define the roles of newly identified protein factors.